Mi Key- Xiaomi or andriod phone


Mi Key- Xiaomi or andriod phone

Price RM9.90
Model hp-14001

Product Details

The Mi Key is a button that allows you to perform quick tasks with your phone
and also act as a dust cap. Example usage (the action can be set by the user):

    1 press – Camera      2 press – Torchlight       3 press – Voice recording

Mi Key is supported by all Xiaomi phones such as Mi 3 and Redmi. Since it is
controlled by an android app, technically it should work on other android
devices too. However, there is no guarantee that it will 100% work on other
android devices. Note: The colour variation only applies to the silicone case for
storing the MiKey. The MiKey itself is silver in colour. Choice of colour: white

Shipping: We will ship your MiKey to you via Pos Express or PosLaju.
Which will normally reach in 2 business days. Buy multiple units to
save shipping fee!

The Mi Key App You will need to download the MiKey app in order to use this
Chinese APK: http://app.mi.com/download/59090/
English APK: http://en.miui.com/thread-24180-1-1.html

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